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These terms and conditions apply to your usage of www.nordicphotos.com.

NordicPhotos reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions without special notice. These terms and conditions are always accessible at our website by clicking the terms and conditions link at the bottom of each page. All material at the NordicPhotos website, including text, graphics, logos, icons, pictures, soundfiles and software is the property of NordicPhotos or the property of the NordicPhotos suppliers and is subject to protection by the pertaining copyright laws. All photographs in the NordicPhotos database are subject to the copyright of the photographers that own them and are protected by Icelandic and international law. The copying of any and all photographs contained in the NordicPhotos website, in any form, is prohibited unless you have purchased the right to use that particular photograph. The usage of a photograph that is purchased should be according to the terms and conditions of the purchasing contract made between you (the buyer) and NordicPhotos.

The NordicPhotos database, the choice and organization of all material in it is subject to copyright law and is the property of NordicPhotos.
All software used by NordicPhotos at this website is either the property of NordicPhotos or the software producers that supply NordicPhotos with software and is protected by copyright law. All material and software found at the NordicPhotos website should be used to view, search, choose and purchase photographs at the NordicPhotos website. All other usage, such as copying, altering, distributing, sending, redistributing or any other use is prohibited without a written permit from NordicPhotos. We at NordicPhotos honour copyrights. If you believe that some material or photograph that you consider your property is portrayed at the NordicPhotos website without the appropriate authorization or believe that some material or photograph has been copied or is being distributed without the appropiate authorization we ask you to please inform us. The NordicPhotos trademark is a registered trademark and the property of Nordic Photos ehf. in Iceland and cannot be used in association with any product or service without the written authorization of Nordic Photos ehf.

Personal information gathered by us and regarding your usage of the NordicPhotos website will be handled according to the laws and regulations pertaining to the usage and handling of personal information as they are at the time. Should you use the NordicPhotos website, you are authorizing us to use any and all information regarding that use for market research that we will use to provide a more focused and better service. NordicPhotos will for example use this information to honour its commitment to you, to provide you with news, send you messages or tell you of interesting things regarding our operation.
NordicPhotos also reserves the right to use this information with its cooperating partners in order to provide a more diverse and better service.
We will, however, not hand this information over to a third party. You can ask to see the information we gather regarding you and can be linked to you personally. If you see that the information regarding you is wrong or incomplete you have the right to have it corrected or deleted free of charge.

Ordered Images may only be used in the way and to the extent as has been agreed upon at the time of ordering. If a client wishes to re-utilize an image, the client has to contact Nordicphotos for a new contract of image use before print. The exception of use of images furnished by Nordicphotos includes any situations that are considered un-ethical by the Code of Ethics for Press, Radio and Television in Sweden.

Use of images on which a model appears may not be published in connection or context of sex, politics, weapons, tobacco or medicine, without the prior written approval of the model and Nordicphotos. Use of images on which a model appears in such a way and matter that the average observer would not consider it to be flattering or consider it to be controversial shall only be permitted subject to Nordicphotos prior written approval. Rendering of images should be as close as possible to the original image provided by Nordicphotos. Any significant changes in the image content or shape, such as colour changes, image cropping, image retouching, and digital manipulations may not be done without the written approval of Nordicphotos prior to print.Use of Images must be accompanied by the following credit line:Photographers name/Nordicphotos

NordicPhotos is not responsible for any possible financial claims relating to the rights or restrictions attaching to people, property or brands. The client is responsible for ensuring that the necessary consents obtained and is solely responsible for any damage claims. Nordicphotos images are non exclusive and therefore compensation claims for any damages incurred by the client are not viable against Nordicphotos.

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